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Sometimes your business or product can be better communicated through the voices of others. Customers, partners, and employees are often your brand’s greatest asset.


But aren’t interviews lame?

A lot of people think that interviews are ‘boring’. But a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to making a talking-head a little less mundane. Here are a few simple things that should be considered when you set out to create the perfect interview video.

Objectivity can make telling an authentic story easier

Being at arms length from your content is really the key to being able to have your interview come off authentic and accessible. Sometimes that means stepping back from the content and letting a fresh perspective in.

Stories are most compelling when they are about people

Whenever possible try to access real people. If they are passionate about the subject, more often than not they'll have something compelling to say. Whether it's an opinion, an experience, or simply just an idea—people connect with other people—they just do.

The value of craft 

Almost anyone can shoot video, but conducting an interview and understanding the principles of filmmaking and storytelling is a craft. Work with people who get it, and can help you create your content.


A partner story for Shopify

A customer story for Tesla Motors


Don’t overlook the value in real people telling your story. They may not be professional actors, but a proffessional director can make them seem that way.


Interview stories are good options for non-profits, events, and working with influencers.


Services we offer 

| Creative Treatments
development of the creative strategy, and aesthetic.

| Content Research & Pre-Interviews
Understanding the topic and the people we're talking to.

| Location Scouting
Visits, research and selection of environments for filming

| Video Recording
On set/location filming using the best equipment for the situation.

| Editing
Logging, organizing, and manipulating recorded footage into a final video

| Royalty Free Music
Research and selection of inexpensive audio to support the tone of the video

| Graphic Design
Titles, and branded assets to support the video

| Motion and Animation
Bringing graphics, titles and still assets to life with dynamic motion and finesse.


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